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Projectors and Lighting
Multi Sensory Rooms
VibroAccoustic Products
Murals and Tactile Panels
Bubble Tubes
SoundBeam 6 Music Therapy 
(Award Winning)

* Wide range of products for stimulation, education, calming & exercise

* Design & consultation of Multi-Sensory Environments 
   (Sensory Rooms often referred to as Snoezelen® which comes from the
   Dutch words for “explore/sniff around” and doze)

* Spectacular Tactile Wall Murals and Panels

* Wide variety of LED Bubble Tubes & Fiberoptic Creations

Mobile Sensory Carts
Your source for all your Special Needs Sensory Toys/Autism/Sensory Integration 
Interactive Floors and Wall Panels
bubble tubes for sensory stimulation
interactive light and sound wall panel for sensory stimulation
music therapy device
are our specialty.   Let our experts work with you to design yours
See it work -
A Division of Xlent Care Products 
OMi Interactive Projection Systems
NEW Autism Suite 200 Programs
Fantastic, Unique Light Sound Wall
The only safe rebounder for children and adults with unique "C" surround.  Discover the amazing brain and health benefits of rebounding for all ages!
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Impressive Tactiles, Amazing  Murals