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About SensoryOne
Sensory One, a division of Milton, Ont.-based Xlent Care Products Inc., is a distributor of innovative, award-winning and inspiring sensory products and multi-sensory environments (also known as sensory or multi-sensory rooms) customized to the individual needs of users.

Unique products, exceptional designs, high-quality materials, state-of-the-art technology, exacting standards, expert knowledge and top-notch customer service combine to create unparalleled experiences when you work with Sensory One!

Multi-sensory environments are used by people of all ages and abilities, but can be especially helpful to older adults, including those with dementia, and younger people, including those with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. These products and spaces can create many cognitive, physical, emotional and social rewards for their users.

Please scroll through our pages to see the array of extraordinary products we have to offer.   

Our designers will work with you to create sensational sensory spaces that fit your unique needs. We will save you the time, energy and stress of choosing the appropriate items and laying out spaces -- with no fees and no obligation!

Alan Fine,
President and CEO,
Sensory One 
Alan Fine is the president and chief executive officer of Sensory One and its parent company, Xlent Care Products Inc. He has a strong design and sales background and is an experienced CEO, with a demonstrated history of running his own business. Alan is skilled in management, coaching, sales, strategic planning and business development. He is devoted to designing sensational sensory spaces and is always available to  help you create yours!
Gwen Rose,
Sensory One
Gwen Rose, BSc.PT Reg (ON), has more than 30 years of experience as a practicing physiotherapist specializing in community and long-term care.  Her focus has been on  discovering and distributing innovative products and services for older adults, people with chronic diseases or disabilities, and those with acute or chronic pain. She is the vice-president of Sensory One and its parent company, Xlent Care Products Inc.