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Bubble Tubes and Walls
418 Switch Interactive bubble tube
421 Large Bubble Tube
422 Giant Bubble Tube
Bubble tubes are the most common piece of equipment in sensory spaces. The bright, colourful, lively and changing bubbles rising through the bubble column offer a fascinating and stimulating visual experience, and relaxing sound and vibration.
They are also a great centrepiece to focus on when rooms are used for relaxation, and offer spectacular rewards when used in a structured way for cause and effect or curriculum-based activities.

We have been designing and manufacturing our own bubble tubes for many years, and have been at the forefront of significant new developments.

Our bubble tubes come with many options to choose from: 

Eight colour changes: A bright spectrum of eight very clear colours with gentle change when used passively and instant control when used with switches.

Instant control: Use any switches to step through the colours or select and mix them, instantly.

Direct or radio remote control: Plug switches directly into the bubble tube or have instant radio remote control with our unique Switch4 interactive control.

Easy Switch:  This is a very simple form of control where you use switches plugged directly into the bubble tube to switch and mix colours.

Switch4 interactive control: This gives you eight advanced programs, such as latched, momentary and timed switching, two colour mixing modes and a range of ‘Simon’ games. 

Easy access: The uniquely designed base is very compact and allows users to sit or lay around the bubble tube without the need for a platform or other raised plinth. It gives very close wheelchair access, allowing the user to touch and cuddle the tube. Removable bubble tube surround cushions and bean cushions are available.

LED lights: All of our bubble tubes are illuminated with LED lights, which have precise colour balance as well as being extremely bright and long-lasting. You will never have to replace a lamp again!

Standard bubble tubes: All standard bubble tubes are 15 centimetres in diameter. This includes ball bubble tubes, square- based ones and easy-access ones.

Large bubble tubes: A newer range of bubble tubes, they are 7.5 inches in diameter and give a much bigger visual effect than the standard ones. They can be used passively and have either Easy Switch or Switch4 interactive control.

Giant bubble tubes: Also, newer, these are truly enormous at a diameter of 11.5 inches, and, with their unique design, offer a spectacular effect.They can be used passively and have either Easy Switch or Switch4 interactive control.

Giant bubble tube with easy access base


Low-profile easy switches
Nine-switch keyboard
Ultra-giant bubble tube" 19.5 inch diameter
The largest small passive bubble tube at
44 x 4.5 inches is great for home sensory environments
Square base with interactive switches
Flat bubble walls  can be a wonderful alternative to bubble tubes when space is at a premium, hardy use might be an issue, or you  just want a different sort of effect

Brightly coloured bubbles create intriguing shapes and patterns that rise through the wall. The panel can be used passively, with the colours changing by gently fading into each other, or interactively for cause and effect, colour mixing and other games.

There are two types of controls and three standard heights available:.

*Easy-switch control (simple)
*Switch4  interactive control (advanced)

Actual screen heights are 110 centimetres, 140 cm. and 190 cm.  

Overall wall sizes: 134 x 72 x 10 cm., 164 x 72 x 10 cm. and 214 x 72 x 10 cm. respectively.

Flat Bubble Walls
We offer lots of bubble tube choices: