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Interactive Floor and Wall Panels
interactive floor for sensory stimulation
Whether placed on the wall or underneath your feet, the Touch., Sound and Light Floor and Wall Panels are instantly responsive to the most sensitive touch, yet are hardy enough to withstand boisterous hitting, heavy jumping or a wheelchair being rolled over them.

Just by tapping, hitting, pressing, stepping or rolling on them, connecting with the coloured panels on either the floor or wall cause them to light up brighty and emit different sounds and noises in different sequences, depending on how they are being played with.

Exclusively designed and made by  British multi-sensory product expert Mike Ayres,  both floor  and wall panels offer a range of games with different levels of difficulty that encourage both individual engagement and cooperative interactions. The ‘Simon’ game, for instance, challenges both dexterity and memory.

 The "Basic" game on the interactive floor.
                "Fill the Floor" game
               The "Simon" game
             The "Follow Me" game
Control the magical effect of the most interactive Infinity panel in a host of different ways.

Ten Interactive programmes provide either co-operative and competitive activities for up to  four people,  or visual, colour, shape and communication work on a one-to-one basis.

The panels include  12 programmes -- two  passive and 10 interactive.

Four of the programmes are basic ’Simon’ games which offer different audio and visual rewards.  This offers many types of skill learning while having fun!

The programmes are selected through an easy-to-use menu and touch keys, and the panel is activated by four large integral button switches, or through switches plugged into the jack sockets.

Wall mounted. Size: 87 x 75 x 8 centimetres (34 x 30 x 3" thick) 


These are very thin floor tiles with flowing colours that swirl around as you move on them. They will withstand any amount of jumping  and strenuous use by children and adults, as well as the weight of wheelchairs and trolleys. They can also be used on a tabletop or any flat surface to encourage fine manipulation skills. They need only a little pressure to create a big visual effect! 

These tiles are available in two sizes:

30 x 30  x 0.7 centimetres thick.  (11.8" x 11.8" x 0.28" thick)
50 x 50 x 0.7cm. thick                  (19.69" x 19.69" x 0.28" thick)
​                                 Shapes infinity wall panel
Interactive floors and wall panels take play and learning to whole new levels of connection, challenge and engagement, offering wonderful visual and tactile experiences that encourage movement and exploration of these surfaces, and a whole lot of fun  in the process!
Touch, Sound and Light Floors and Wall Panels
Floor and Wall Panel Features
Both versions offer:

• Eight interactive games and variations
• 16 different instrument and sound options
• Volume control
• Adjustable times for completion of games and difficulty levels
• LED technology: no lamps ever need to be replaced 
• Adjustable background light level
• Create wonderful colour and rainbow effects  
​• Wall panels can be installed anywhere at any height

Specs and sizes of floor panels

•just 4 centimetres (1.6 inches) deep
•nine, 12 and 16 panel floors are standard

Nine-panel floor: 116 x 104  x 4 cm. deep
(45.7" x 40.9 x " 1.6" deep) (without surround) 

12-panel floor:116 x 137  x 4 cm. deep
(45.7" x 53.9" x 1.6")(without surround)

16-panel floor:137 x 149  x 4 cm. deep
(53.9" x 58.7" x 1.6")(without surround) 

Minimum surround size: add 25 cm.(9.8") to each of the first two dimensions on each floor size

•Can be made any size, with any number of panels
•Comes complete with tapered surround or can be built into the floor

Specs and sizes of wall panels

Available in two sizes:
Standard panel: 119.3 cm x 78.74 cm wide x 7.6 cm deep, (47 inches long x 31" wide  x 3" deep)
Long horizontal panel: 200.6 cm x 43.2 wide x 10.2 cm deep (79" long x 17" wde x 4" deep) 

Panels can be fixed at any height for use while laying, sitting or standing
             Liquid Floor Tiles
Shapes Infinity Wall Panel
Touch, Sound and Light floor in action!
Touch, Sound and Light wall panel in action!
Fun floors!
                               Fun walls!
The games people play: with touch, sound and light on an interactive floor! 
            The same games can be played on the wall panel!
                Larger liquid floor tiles
  Smaller liquid floor tiles