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Custom-designed decorative tactile murals
For even more ideas on the wide variety of murals we can design, please flip through the photo gallery below.
Our magnificent murals are custom-designed to your specifications.

Crafted with creativity, they come to life after a variety of tactile materials are mounted on a wooden frame. 

Rough and smooth, soft and hard, angular and curved, embossed and impressed, absorbent and reflective, all of these textures come together as unique and whimsical, colourful and clever creations,made with an unmatched attention to detail!

All murals stimulate the sense of touch; some have an auditory component as well. They can be mounted on any surface, including walls, reception desks, room dividers and partitions.

Our design team will work with you to ensure that your artistic masterpiece meets the needs and satisfaction of you and the others who will enjoy it!


Magnificent murals