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 "It's amazing to see how ingenious people are in using Soundbeam, and also how truly liberating it can be!" 
John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin
SoundBeam 5
Soundbeam has been most extensively and thoroughly evaluated with children with Severe Learning Difficulties and Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. 

However, the benefits to children and adults with a range of conditions and syndromes including Autism, ADHD, dementia, Down’s Syndrome, Rett’s Syndrome, depression, Alzheimer’s Disease and challenging behaviours, have also been documented.

Soundbeam provides a medium through which even profoundly physically or learning impaired individuals can become expressive and communicative using music and sound. The sense of control, agency and independence which this provides can be a powerful motivator, stimulating learning and interaction in other areas. 

...The Invisible Keyboard in Space
Soundbeam is an award-winning 'touch free' device which uses sensor technology to translate body movement into music and sound.
The whole human body is receptive to sound, not just the ears. It's increasingly clear that the experience of feeling sound rather than simply hearing it has important therapeutic implications across a wide spectrum of conditions, both physical and behavioural.

Soundbox and Minibox enable the vibrations of sound and music to be experienced physically, through Vibroacoustics. They contain loudspeakers mounted beneath resonant cavities that transmit vibration directly to the body.

Soundbox and Minibox were originally designed to enable people with hearing impairments to make music using Soundbeam. Subsequent use however, has found that experiencing recorded music physically, through Vibroacoustics, can also be extremely beneficial in other ways.

... has something to offer children whatever their sensory disability. We have connected it to Soundbeam, to a cassette recorder and to a synthesiser. The vibration that comes through the bed is quite powerful, and is enjoyed by children who have very little vision or hearing. Older pupils come in to the Unit to spend a few moments sitting on the edge of the box, feeling the music through their hands and bottoms. We have a tiny boy with no sight and little hearing or voluntary movement. It really is a pleasure to see the reaction on his face when we put him on the Soundbox for a settling time after lunch.

Leighton Reed, Royal School for the Deaf, Manchester
We love our Sound Beams! That’s probably the best way to start this thank you note. We have had it now for just over two months and residents, staff and families are all enjoying it! It is absolutely incredible to watch the residents open up and engage in its’ use. Some of the residents using it had been quite passive residents before and are now fully engaged when they use it. We do appreciate your co-operation in seeing that the staff were trained to use it and your willingness to come back and give updates. It’s nice to know that if we have any problems, you’ll stand behind the product. I have received only positive feedback from the Sound Beam and would definitely recommend it to others.
Thank you so much Diane for all of your help!
Shari Ecclestone
Program Manager
Leisureworld Caregiving Centre Muskoka 

The SB5 has been a fantastic upgrade for us in the Music Therapy Department at the Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM). We have been using SB2 for the last 8 years and it has served us very well, but the new SB5 is fantastic. The most powerful new feature is the wireless switches. They are so easy to play and almost all our clients regardless of physical challenges are able to play the switches. Our clients tell us they find the preset sound sets inspiring and a joy to explore. The new sounds stimulate creative expression and engage even the most withdrawn clients. SB5 is used every day in my music therapy practice at VCM.

Allan Slade BMT, MTA
Music Therapist Accredited
Victoria Conservatory of Music