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Health Bounce B Pod
Health Bounce Pod / B Pod

    *    Universal design is suitable for everyone, up to 285 lbs

    *    Gentle, comfortable, secure to use.  
         The unique arches and padded C-shape handle prevent users from falling

    *    Gentle on joints.  About 80% of the impact on joints is mitiaged.

    *    Supreme quality.  
         The mat and spring pad are made of highly durable material that is test approved.  
         The springs are inaccessible.  No pinching from springs.

    *    U-shape legs with anti-slip pads

    *    Folds down for easy storage

    *    Ideal for daily exercise, particularly for rebound therapy

    *    NASA study finds rebounding is 68% more effective than jogging!

                                 CAD  $ 621.00                  USA   $ 495.00    CALL TO ORDER or 

                                                                                                      Order on-line:       
Health Bounce Pod XL* / B Pod XL:

*   Same quality of the Health Bounce Pod / B Pod

*   Can be used sitting in a wheelchair or standing

*   Includes special straps & springs to hold the wheelchair securely

*   Suitable for user up to 285 lbs, plus wheelchair weight (no power chairs)


                                CAD   $ 1595.00               USA    $ 1703.00   CALL TO ORDER or 

                                                                                                         Order on-line:   
The health benefits of Rebounding are truly amazing and now can be enjoyed by all, including those who are in a wheelchair, or those 
can use the standing model with the support bar that keeps them safe and having fun!